Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Top Five: Favourite (Winnipeg) Restaurants!

In honour of date night (yes, occasionally we do get to do that!) this week's top five will be my favourite places to eat in Winnipeg.  We don't get to go out to eat often, especially without kids, but when we do the decision is always a tough one!  Hopefully this will help me narrow down the choices for tonight!   

 Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee House is a restaurant that I don't go to often but that I never regret visiting when I do.  It is reasonably priced and fun to go to!  Personal faves: Southern Fried Tofu Strips and their Veggie Burger.
 Affinity Vegetarian Garden is the kids' favourite restaurant, ever.  They, actually we all love the lunch buffet.  It is a bit pricey to go for supper with all 6 of us but for lunch it is very inexpensive as you pay by the weight of your plate.  Personal faves: Crispy Veggie Balls, Sweet and Sour Veggie Ribs, and (just for my son) Spicy Tofu! 
 Boon Burger just opened last year but it has quickly become one of our go-to's on date night.  It is pricey for the family to go but just right for the 2 of us.  We generally get take out but if we do dine in the atmosphere is great and the staff are so friendly.  Personal Faves: Buddha Burger and the Poutine!
 India Palace got me through my last pregnancy, no joke!  I couldn't keep most food down, even crackers, but somehow I managed to eat chickpea curry and samosas quite regularly.  We always get take out but the staff are quite courteous and the food is always ready very quickly.  Personal Faves:  Vegetable Samosas and Chickpea Curry ;)
The Star Grill is another restaurant that we don't frequent often but that I always have a soft spot for.  The restaurant itself is very intimate and inviting but it is small so plan ahead and make reservations or go at non-peak times.  Personal Faves: Veggie Burger (really I love burgers? lol) and French Fries and their Hummus!

Honourable Mentions: Kelsey's, Hu's Asian Bistro, Delicious Vegetarian, Cousin's Deli, and Stella's.


  1. I love this Friday Five! Next time we're in Winnipeg we are SO going to Boon Burger! I also really miss Affinity and Mondragon! Luckily there's a place in Kingston that's just like Mondragon.. but nothing nearby like Affinity. The options for veg food here is terrible. I miss that about Winnipeg.

    What is Delicious Vegetarian?? No mention of North Star? I miss them, but more because they hold special memories for me. I also miss Prairie Ink. And Moxie's.

    Okay, I'm one rambling now. I needed that little walk down memory lane! Can't wait to hear what you decide on!

  2. Ooooo i'm going to have to check out Star Grill