Monday, April 18, 2011

Mostly for Shannon, here is my menu ;)

Tuesday: Mediterranean Lentil and Spinach soup
Wednesday: Tofu burger, sweet and savoury kale, and brussel sprouts (with cheese sauce!)
Thursday: Pizza, quinoa salad, asparagus
Friday: Seitan stew, garlic rolls, and green salad
Saturday: Vegetable Upside-Down Casserole
Sunday: Easter!  Home-made tofurkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, quinoa rolls, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.  Apple Pie!
Monday: (still a holiday for us!) peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches (on fresh bread) raw veggies and a fruit salad
Tuesday: April's Chickpea Curry


  1. I am laughing because I put the Vegetable Upside Down Casserole on my menu, too... but not this week. ;)

    Sounds yummy!

  2. Of course its not for this week... you are planning into 2012 now, right? LOL!