Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two posts in one day!

Sunday: Lentil loaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, and steamed veggies
Monday: Red Pepper Soup and Foccacia Bread
Tuesday: South American Black Bean Soup, and a green salad
Wednesday: Lentil Burgers, wild rice, and raw veggies
Thursday: Irish Stew, and soda bread *Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Friday: Pizza!!
Saturday: Spaghetti and Lentil Balls, red and green pepper salad dessert-Maple Spiced Poach Pears
Sunday: Baked Beans and Homemade veggie Sausages, bbq'd corn and asparagus First Day of Spring so we are bbq'ing!

The kids did most of the planning for me this week.  I like when they help because I know they'll be eating it all happily when they've picked it!  Looking forward to it all :)


  1. Looks good! I have lentil loaf on my menu next week, too. I'm also trying the lentil balls you recommended. Oh, lentil love. AND Irish Stew on St Paddy's Day... but.. of course! :) YUM.

  2. JILLLLLLL! I'm so excited I *happened* to be on facebook for five minutes ( you know me) and saw your link to YOUR BLOG! WAY TO GO I LOVE IT!
    Now I can try all your yummy looking menu ideas!!!!
    thanks for sharing, april

  3. So happy you like it, April! Now that its nice out we should get together!!