Friday, March 4, 2011

A full day of baking!

Tonight's supper was pizza at the bowling alley... not really blog worthy material.  BUT!  The kids had a school in-service today and we decided to spend the day baking.  We made all kinds of different school snacks.  Mostly muffins, but also some granola bars and also one loaf (Thanks for the recipe, Shannon!)  We are going to have a freezer full of school snacks that should last a long while. I only wish I could have added some nuts!  It was important to me that the kids all help in making the snacks, so that they'd be more likely to eat them.  My oldest daughter read us the recipes (and even had to practice fractions and multiplication for doubling the recipes) while the middle two helped with the actual baking.  Baby was really just getting in the way, but she did like watching the oven light :)

I made a lot of food today so I'm not sure how to go about posting the recipes.  I think I'll just leave it open to if you want a certain recipe, please comment and say so... I'll be glad to post it, but otherwise I'll just let you enjoy the pics!

 Apple Bran Muffins
Granola Bars
 Pizza muffins
 Breakfast muffins
 Mini 4-Grain Breakfast muffins
 Mini Banana muffins
 Blueberry Oatmeal muffins
Shannon's lemon loaf
 Our new freezer stash!


  1. You know I want the recipe for the pizza muffins! :) (loving that you have a lens again!)

  2. You can really tell the difference!

  3. Granola bars please :)