Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheesy White Chili with Cauliflower

For the last few weeks whenever I ask my husband what he'd like on the menu, he asked for this particular recipe.  It did not sound appealing to me in the least but I figured I should probably just make it already.  I was pleasantly surprised by the result, everyone ate it without complaint, even our 9 month old!  I got the recipe from (the usual) 125 best Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes, and just made a few minor adjustments.  We had it with a simple green salad and some delicious garlic french bread.

Cheesy White Chili with Cauliflower
Olive oil
2 finely chopped onions
5 cloves minced garlic
1 1/2 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp oregano
1 1/2 tbsp chili powder
4 cups cooked white kidney beans, divided
4 cups vegetable stock
3 cups cauliflower, cooked for 4 minutes in boiling water
2 minced jalapeno peppers
1 diced green pepper
3 cups shredded Monteray Jack cheese
1/2 block of cubed cream cheese
1 can chopped green chilies

*Mash 1/2 of the beans in a large bowl
*Heat oil over medium heat, add onion and garlic, and cook until softened
*Add spices and cook for 1 more minute
*Transfer to slow cooker and add beans and vegetable stock
*Cook on low for 8-10 hours
*Stir in cauliflower, peppers, cheeses and chilies and cook on high for 30 more minutes


  1. Jill, do you make your own stock?

  2. I do! I mean, as much as I can. I do have some backup incase I haven't had enough time to make it.