Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan for the week of May 2

Tuesday: Southwestern corn and roasted red pepper soup, sourdough bread, and a green salad
Wednesday: Fava burgers, quinoa salad, and spinach salad
Thursday: BBQ seitan, green salad, rice, grilled pineapples
Friday: Pizza and raw veggies
Saturday: Warm lentil salad and rolls
Sunday: Butternut squash ravioli, and a green salad
Monday: BOON BURGER (First day of work :()
Tuesday: Artichoke pasta, tofu salad


  1. Dave should be making your butternut squash ravioli for Mother's Day! ;)

  2. Ya right! Can you imagine? LOL!

    My sister is in town and I've been waiting a long time to make these with her again. SO. GOOD.

  3. Hehehe.. I had a chuckle thinking about him slaving over them. Tell him he at least has to give you breakfast in bed!

    Hooray for your sister being in town, though. That is awesome news. Have fun!